Medium/heavy duty mast climbers

Medium/heavy duty performance features:

Brogan Group supply one of the best ranges of heavy-duty mast climbers available on the market. The Scanclimber SC 5000, SC 8000 and the SC 10,000 can take loads of 5, 8 and 10 tonne respectively on a twin platform of a specified length. They can all be supplied with up to 3m fixed extension platform or a circa 1.6m sliding platform.

The tie frequency can be 12m (vertically) or with special ties 18m. They can free stand up to 30m with the appropriate base. Only Brogan Group supply the SC 8000 and SC 10,000 in the UK, Ireland and the UAE. There are optional accessories such as lifting rails and temporary roofs also available.

mast climbing platform

Features include:

  • Free-standing capability Free-standing capability up to 30m
  • Platform length Twin-mast platform length up to 40.6m 
  • Height Maximum height of 300m
  • Installation speed Rapid on-site assembly
  • Base Does not need a concrete base
  • Maximum load Maximum load of up to 10000kg on a twin machine
  • Optional add-ons Accessories to maximize performance
  • Extended cantilevers Up to 3m


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