Light Duty Mast Climbers

Light/medium duty performance features:

Brogan Group supply 3 tonne mast climber units for cladding and general access where ties can be at 9m centres and extensions, both fixed and sliding can be supplied as an add-on. Fixed extension can be up to 2.0m and sliding 1.3m, a temporary roof can also be provided where required.

These light and compact access systems are designed to offer maximum flexibility for both internal and external use.

Features include:

  • Free-standing Capability up to 9m 
  • Speed Travel speeds up to 7m per minute
  • Platform length Twin-mast platform length up to 32m
  • Height Maximum height of 100m
  • Installation speed Rapid on-site assembly
  • Base Does not need a concrete base
  • Maximum load Maximum load of up to 3400kg on a twin machine
  • Add-on's Accessories to maximise performance


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