The most inclined structure in the world

The most inclined structure in the world is Capital Gate, which has an inclination of 18 degrees and is 160m high. Developed by the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC), the development was completed in 2010. It was this year that it also made it into the Guinness book of world records and is yet to be beaten.

Capital Gate, nicknamed the 'Splash' is a 35 storey that covers 50,000sqm. Featuring 728-customised diamond-shaped glazing panels, the structure visibly appears to defy gravity.

Leaning Westward, the structure is 4 times more inclined than the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. Today, the development houses the 5-star “Hyatt at Capital Centre” hotel and provides the most exclusive office space in Abu Dhabi.


The 35-storey asymmetric structure stands on an extremely dense mesh of reinforced steel. The tower was drilled 30 meters below the ground level to balance the gravitational, wind and seismic pressure that are caused by the lean.

To install the bespoke cladding that consisted of thousands of honey cone shaped panels, Brogan Group erected a Cuplok system scaffold birdcage up to the ninth floor. This was to facilitate a punched scaffold access that followed the structures curved and inclined façade.

The access scaffold was erected up to the cantilevered 'tea room' structure on the 30th floor.

From here, we were able to construct a hanging scaffold that consisted of puncheon beams that supported the working platform below.

The scaffold was tied to the structure to enable specialist glass units to be installed without compromising the scaffold decks.

Les Fairchild

Construction Manager

“Brogan Group have carried out a large access scaffolding package to the splash on our project. They were involved in all aspects from design to delivery, working closely with all contractors and our safety department. They have carried out this work with exemplary professionalism and delivered a very difficult project. I would highly recommend this company for any future works.”

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