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Our company culture promotes leadership above all other qualities. It is our belief that competent, empowered and decisive leaders are key to the high performance standards we are known for.


We nurture talent, and progression can be rapid for those who excel. The leaders of our operational units evolve on site. Selected for their leadership qualities, they are developed through mentoring, training and modelling the example of their more experienced colleagues and superiors. The ethos and culture of accomplishment, reliability, efficiency, quality and safety is relayed throughout the company and high achievers are well rewarded for their achievements.

Those who demonstrate high levels of competency and expertise are assigned considerable responsibilities and decision-making powers and are entrusted to act on them. This removes bureaucratic sluggishness making our teams more agile and responsive in dynamic site environments. It also distinguishes us from competitors, whose flexibility and response time can be hindered by complex chains of command.