Brogan Group began its life in the late 80's.

Founded by James Brogan, who initially went into scaffolding as a summer job and later developed a taste for the outdoor work, the physicality and the earning potential that the trade offered. After 6 years of working for other companies, he started his own. Initially a small group of high performing individuals who all believed in and were attracted by the idea of an elite group of workers, who could out-perform all others and be rewarded accordingly. 

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Leaders of Brogan Group

From their peer group, the best workers were selected, and the company’s initial employees were up to about 50 in numbers who were added along the way. All were friends and colleagues who had worked together in various companies for several years before. Each of those individuals went on to become the leaders and key members of Brogan Group and remain so to this day.

By building and consolidating its own knowledge bank of experienced, reliable and industrious scaffolders, the company created something almost novel in the construction industry at the time - a specialist scaffolding supplier with reliable, high-quality equipment, savvy problem-solving and a committed, motivated workforce.

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Blue Chip Clients

From the early-nineties, the company expanded its client base to include several large Blue Chip companies including Balfour Beatty, Higgs & Hill, Sir Robert McAlpine, Tarmac among others. With each new client, the company gained an increasing share of the market through repeat business and key contacts. 

The company continued to grow through the mid to late 90's, doubling its turnover year on year. As its client base increased to include some of the top 20 UK construction firms, we successfully tendered for increasingly larger projects. During this time, and true to our innovative spirit, we made the transition to using system scaffolding extensively, as an alternative to traditional tube and fitting. We were among the first companies in the UK to do so.


We always knew that we could distinguish ourselves from competitors further, in keeping with our aspiration to be knowledge leaders in our industry, with our team of in-house design engineers who have been essential in providing pre-project planning advice and temporary works designs to many main contractors and clients. 

In 2001, with success in the UK established, the company opened a subsidiary in Ireland, initially with a branch in Dublin and eventually expanding into Cork, where we quickly established ourselves as a market leader offering the same standards of service and equipment as it had in the UK. A contracting business using Layher System Scaffold predominantly was opened in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2002, complete with its own in-house training facility.

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Continued Growth

In 2005, the company expanded its UK operations to include the north of England and introduced mast climbers to its range of access solutions. The range was further complimented with the introduction of hoists in 2006.

In 2009, Brogan Group Middle East was established, with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which has seen significant growth over time and at present boasts circa 600 employees using 20,000 tonnes of scaffolding equipment.

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Brogan Group Today

From its modest beginnings as a small start-up private company without funding, profits from the business were continually re-invested in equipment, people and training, a strategy that continues today. Still with the same entrepreneurial spirit that sparked its inception, the company continues to make bold investments in capital assets, new technology and knowledge to provide a range of the best access machinery and know-how in the business.

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Industry Leader

In the UK we are recognised in the construction industry as among the leaders in specialist scaffolding contracting by several industry benchmarks including turnover, equipment assets and profitability.

Now ranked 31st in the Sunday Times International Track 200 (2019), Brogan Group enjoys an established and growing reputation as an industry leader internationally.

Our project portfolio includes the largest construction project in Europe, Battersea Power station which at peak exceeds 55 construction hoists on site and the largest construction project in the UAE, Expo 2020 and some of the largest projects in Ireland including ESB's new HQ and Charlemont Square development.

Taking construction hoists, which is just one of our service offerings and  based on machine numbers, age profile and diversity of range, it is widely acknowledged in Europe and the Middle East that we are a market leader.

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Company culture

Brogan Group is a family orientated company. Many of the initial employees have brought in family members over the years who have gone on to hold key positions within the company. The company has succeeded through its reputation and the company culture is one of the best within the construction industry.

Starting out as a scaffolding company, today it has grown to offer several access options whilst attracting the best talent in the industry. Brogan Group is now an industry leader in Mast Climbers and Construction Hoists and therefore makes a unique claim to "Combining Access Solutions". 

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