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Brogan Group is in the top tier access specialists in the UK, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

We provide cost effective, reliable and most importantly, safe access solutions across all of our developments.

Suspended cradles are safe working platforms which are hung from cables and can be raised and lowered into position using powered winches. They allow work on a building’s façade to be undertaken with very little disruption from a project.

They are quite similar to temporary suspended scaffolds and are intended to give access to one or two people to the workstation, they are moved manually or electronically.

Suspended either directly from a gantry, structure or using a specially fabricated roof-rig system, cradles are a fast and convenient method of accessing heights or depths out of the range of conventional access methods such as scaffolding.

What can they be used for?

  • Painting
  • Cladding
  • Plastering
  • General building work
  • Cleaning buildings
  • Surveys and inspections



Speed - Our cradles can be assembled in a matter of hours

Cost Saving - The speed in which they can be assembled saves on a lot of the costs that would be spent on scaffold labour

Adaptability - Platforms can be moved horizontally either manually or automatically. Monorail can be designed and fabricated according to building shape and length. Brackets can be mounted from the face, inside the parapet, on slab or on soffit of the building. Platform length can be easily adjusted from 1m - 10m length as per project requirement

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