Mast Climbers

Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) are a fast, convenient and cost-effective alternative to scaffolding access in the construction industry.

Unlike conventional scaffolding, mast climbers provide a platform that moves vertically and can be controlled by workers.

They offer the client an effective solution for transporting personnel and materials to optimum working height, making them the ideal solution for envelope contracts.

The speed in which they can be installed and removed from the site can offer significant labour and time savings to the client.

Our mast climbers are available across Saudi Arabia.

Vast Range

Brogan Group have a vast range of mast climbing work platforms that range from light duty mast climbers capable of reaching a maximum height of 500m through to "The Beast", the largest mast climber in the world up to 10 tonnes and has a freestanding height of up to 30m.

Used either alone or in conjunction with scaffold, mast climbers provide affordable temporary access and can reduce installation/ dismantling time substantially.

Saudi Arabia MCWP

Combining Scaffold and Mast Climbers

Brogan Group can combine a mast climber and scaffold solution depending on the access requirements on individual facades. It is quite common for cladding on different sections or elevations to vary also.

Brogan Group stock a range of different machines with various load bearing capacities to suit all construction and maintenance work applications. 

Saudi Arabia mast climber

Pre-tender assistance

There are many factors to consider when designing an access solution in mast climbers. These include ties and tie frequency. Brogan Group’s Scanclimber units require ties at only 12m intervals vertically or can free stand with a suitable base up to 30m.

Another consideration is inner platforms which we can provide as either a fixed or sliding platform. 

Double stacking where mast climbers are 'stacked' vertically in combinations of two or three is also possible with our heavy duty Scanclimber units. We are uniquely placed to offer the most cost-effective and practical solutions to our clients. 

Saudi Arabia mast climber


Choosing the optimum length of platform and whether to opt for a single or a twin platform is also important when designing a mast climber scheme, one example of this is that shorter twin platforms are best for brickwork.

Mast climbers are generally not the best option for low-rise buildings that are below five/six storeys. They may also not be the best option for use on terraces at high level where access to only one or two floors is required, scaffolding would be better suited in this scenario. We can offer impartial advice as we can provide both vertical access solutions.

Engaging with client’s pre-tender, enables us to assist with the development of a mast climber scheme that will ultimately deliver a saving in time and money.


  • Q. Can mast climbers be used on buildings with balconies? A. Yes. Internal cantilevers can extend up to 1.6m with mechanical sliding decks to overcome projections/step-backs in the building line, which are managed by a limit switch to avoid height adjustment collision.
  • Q. Can mast climbers be used on curved façades? A. Yes. The work platforms can be specially adapted to suit curved façades, as well as adapted to wrap around corners.
  • Q. How are operatives trained to use the machines? A. Brogan Group provide familiarisation training to allow operatives to operate the machinary, as well as IPAF accredited training sessions.
  • Q. Are mast climbers a more economical alternative to scaffold? A. They can be where the client can competently plan the sequencing of the access requirement to minimise the hire period for each individual position.
  • Q. Can they be installed or removed quicker than scaffold? A. There is considerable time saving. 200m² could be installed in 2/3 days where it could take four times longer with scaffold.
  • Q. Where is the commercial advantage? A. Mast climber hire periods can over run. Labour should not change dramatically. Scaffold is labour intensive and when not planned well the end cost could exceed the original budget by quite a margin.
  • Q. Do workers prefer access by mast climbers? A. Almost all find it easier to work as you can adjust the height of the platform to the most comfortable working height. i.e. laying bricks does not require the user to bend over, operatives work at optimum height.
  • Q. What about break down? A. All machines break down. The best bet is to choose a supplier with a proven track record when it comes to high-quality machines and a good back up service. Do not go for low cost suppliers as it is a false economy. 

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