About our Crane Decks

The demand for new and efficient high-level access systems for projects in Saudi Arabia is growing.

You need a solution that is safe, reliable and easy to use. Our range of crane decks that comprise both fixed and rolling platforms help to overcome these challenges.

Fixed Loading platforms  

The Fixed (standard platform) is a basic platform for general applications. These platforms are typically used in situations where retractability is not required. The platform provides a convenient means of access for equipment and material to the floor.

Rolling Loading Platform

Used where simultaneous access is required at several levels from one lifting point. The rolling platform crane deck can be retracted to allow access to a deck or floor level below or above it. The loading deck platform is positioned on the bottom flange of the cantilevered support beams for optimum head room. These crane loading platforms are sometimes known as cantidecks.

construction crane deck

Benefits and available sizes

The crane deck's ultra-smooth sliding action can be extended and retracted by just one person which cuts on labour costs. They can be flat packed to 500mm high which enables multiple platforms to be stacked which in turn results in reduced storage and transport costs.

Crane productivity is increased as materials can be lifted straight from transport directly to the required floor. They have full safety features including all round handrails, mechanical locking devices and four integral props each tested to 130kn. They are high build quality and fully galvanised for longer life.

Cost-effective Hire

Our Crane Decks provide a cost-effective and flexible answer to all of these and many other issues that are unique to providing access to materials and personnel in high-rise working environments.

Benefits include

  • Time Saving Fast installation and removal
  • Health & safety Improved safety from usage
  • Budget A highly cost-effective means of loading and removing material. Vastly reduced costs on comparable products
  • Nominal load capacity Nominal load capacity of up to 5 tonnes safe working load (SWL), dependent on installation structure
  • Outboard Maximum outboard of 5250mm - one of the largest on the market
  • Ease Easy Push/Pull system
  • Locking system Simple locking system
  • Adjustable props Built in adjustable props
  • Anchor points Conveniently located anchor points for safe use
  • Stackable Stackable for storage and transport ease
  • Customisable Can be customised to suit for projects requirements and has a range of accessories to fit

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