With a fully equipped workshop and an experienced design and fabrication team, we can design, fabricate, and manufacture specialist solutions for specific site requirements. We also supply additional accessories for mast climbers and hoists when required. We specialise in offering bespoke solutions for a project's access needs. We guarantee that all modifications and accessories are tested, safe, and fit for purpose.

90% of our turnover comes from repeat business. We work closely with clients' pre-tenders, assisting with all project requirements. Throughout this process, we can highlight any potential complications requiring fabricated elements of their access package.

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Pre-tender Assistance

Additionally, we will work alongside them to search for any areas where we can save the client costs by doing things differently. This pre-tender assistance means that potential difficulties have been addressed and overcome at the design stage. Clearly, this is not always possible, and difficulties can arise on-site. We are uniquely equipped to overcome these, as we can design and fabricate specials at little to no notice.

We routinely fabricate special hoist and mast climber ties, brackets, connections, landing gates, bridges, hoist protection accessories, sliding platforms for mast climbers and Top Hats for hoists, among many other things. 

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Quality Management

Full inspection, testing, and certification procedures ensure legal compliance and the quality of work. This is governed by our quality management system, which is certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

Quality and inspection are overseen by our Production Manager, who has extensive experience and qualifications in managing steel fabrication and welding facilities gained over 20 plus years. Testing is outsourced to the appropriate bodies as part of our Quality Management system. 

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Hoist add-on's

Brogan Group's extensive range of hoists includes bridged platforms for the ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ doors that serve the Hoist Ground station and the floor or scaffold run-off doors. The steel section supports are designed and fabricated in our testing centre and can be constructed to suit specific site conditions. They span from the landing beam on the hoist gate posts to the floor slab.

Hoist cages can also be fitted with bespoke top hat extensions for oversized materials to fit vertically within the car.

construction hoist

Mast Climber Add-ons

Mast climbers can be erected with roof sections to provide a cover over the working deck. They can also be erected with full height enclosure screens to provide additional protection to the façade of the machine.

We can fabricate machines that incorporate clients' advertising and provide power outlets for power tools.

Brogan Group can offer the option of a cantilevered inner deck that projects from the main deck. These cantilevered platforms can be filleted to suit the façade profile like the example in the picture.

mast climbing platform

Sliding Inner Platform On Mast Climber

Brogan Group can provide a sliding inner platform to mast climbers, which can be moved in and out to enable the main deck to move past projections such as balconies or cornices on the building line.

The sliding platform can typically be up to 1.5m wide and ensures the workers are safely enclosed within the protection of the guardrails at all times, thus avoiding the need to remove inner boards at height, which is good practice. The sliding platform can be moved to the required distance of the building for the façade works. The platform can be extended and retracted to suit the changing line of the building.

You can read more about sliding platforms here.

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Fixed Inner Platform

The fixed inner platform can also be set at the required distance of the building for the façade works and remain in position whilst the mast climber is in operation vertically. Our heavy duty Scanclimber mast climber can support 2.5m or more.


  • Can facilitate an extension of up to 2.5m +
  • Can accommodate a curved or jagged building line

You can see mast climber case studies here.

mast climbing work platform

Trap door on mast climber

We have produced a drop-down flat (trap door) for working behind a mast climber safely and withint he guardrails of the mast climber, thus, overcoming a potential hazard. 

Scaffold Safety Add-on's

Brogan engineers work closely with the contractor to assess the health and safety needs of the project in order to fabricate machines where necessary.

One example of where we did this was at Palace Street where we provided full height advanced netted frame guards for the erection of the scaffold over the Buckingham Gate elevation to ensure the public safety.

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Fabrication Case Studies


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