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The use of staircase structures on construction sites has increased with the growing need to improve the access and movement of site personnel and the general public. 

Our selection of system scaffolding staircases can be utilised to fulfil any of your access requirements. They can be used to provide both site and public access and meet all safety regulations for the public.

They include HAKI, Cuplok and Layher system staircases including public access services.

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Tube & Fitting Staircase

In instances where a system staircase is not suitable and a bespoke design is required, a traditional tube and fitting staircase is the most practical and flexible option. Non-slip stair treads and landings can be provided in either metal or timber.

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HAKI Staircase

HAKI staircases have a small footprint which makes them ideal for use on sites with limited space. Once erected, they can be freestanding or can be integrated into the main scaffold. As with all system staircases the guardrails form part of the frame.

To read more about HAKI staircases, you can do so here.

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Cuplok Scaffold Staircase

Larger than HAKI staircases, lightweight aluminium Cuplok staircases are designed to be integrated fully to existing Cuplok scaffold, or can be freestanding. 

These temporary stairs for construction are a great scaffolding stair access solution to existing Cuplock scaffolding.

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Layher Staircase

Layher’s public access staircase is ideal for when a public access staircase is required. It meets all the additional demands required for public access such as child safety guardrails, minimum stair widths, a reduced stairway pitch and a large load bearing capacity.

To read more about Layher staircases, you can do so here.

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