Goods & Passenger Hoists

Brogan Group has the most extensive range of Good & Personnel hoists with the youngest age profile in the market, all well presented and maintained.

Our smallest Goods & Personnel hoist is the MBA 800/150-SR, 2.0m x 1.0m on plan with a 1000kg capacity. The more common 2 tonne Goods & Personnel hoist (24 person) capacity has a cage size of 3.2m x 1.5m and comes in two cage height options with varying power requirements.

Our largest passenger and goods hoist is the Colossus with a platform of 5m x 3m at 4000kg that can travel up to 300m at a speed of 40m per minute. 

Why us?

They look good, they work well and when there is an issue it is dealt with efficiently and speedily. Somebody takes the call who can act on it and does.

Our Goods & Personnel fleet offer a range of different load capacities and cage sizes with or without C Gates.

From large construction goods hoists to small goods passenger hoists, we have something to fit your project. 

construction hoist


Our largest Goods & Personnel hoist is a twin masted 4 tonne Colossus with a cage of 5m x 3m 

You can see the rest of our hoist specifications here.

construction hoist

Full range of Goods & Personnel Hoists


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