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Our Engineers are experienced in the design of temporary works with a combination of over 40 years working within the industry.

They are the keyholders to producing all design layouts for temporary works such as scaffolding, mast climbing, common towers and hoist schemes.

Solutions are designed using 2D and 3D CAD and structural analysis software. We provide clients with drawings and calculations in their preferred format. We are BIM compliant to level 2. Our designers also use Navisworks and Revit software. We have resident in-house designers in place in the UK, Ireland, Saudi Arabia & the UAE (10 in total).

construction access design

Our in-house design team

With temporary works becoming increasingly recognised as one of the most critical parts of any construction project, the importance of identifying the temporary works requirements in advance has also grown. We are, therefore, better equipped to meet the requirements of our clients and to develop designs throughout the life of the project with the consistent input of the same design team from tender stage to completion.

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Tender Planning and Design Engineering

Early involvement from our design team working with our estimating team is a service we frequently offer to our clients on larger and more challenging projects, such as large scaffolding structures. This can provide both technical and commercial advantages to clients and contributes to a successful bid or outcome for all. Our company provides CAD and BIM services that both you and the building control team overseeing your bid, will have confidence in.

Construction access design

Temporary Structures

Our Engineers are proficient in the following:

  • Scaffolding design 
  • Access scaffolds (tube & fitting, & system scaffold)
  • Falsework and formwork 
  • Propping / support works 
  • Temporary roofs
  • Lifting beams / gantries
  • Façade retention
  • Temporary access bridges 
  • Pavement / loading gantries
  • ‘Events’ (theatre, concerts, sports, etc.) 
  • Demolition / construction scaffolds
  • Cantilevered access
  • Heavy duty / steel work design
  • Mast climber access platforms
  • Passenger/goods hoists
  • Goods only hoists
  • Common towers
  • Crane decks
  • Cradles

scaffolding contractor

Complex designs on large-scale building projects

Our design solutions have been used for some of the most impressive large-scale building projects in the UK, Ireland, Saudi Arabia & the UAE:

large scaffolding contractor

Benefits include

  • Our own design team We have our very own Design team in-house and so you do not need to split up the design and the works between two different companies
  • Perfect fit As the design is our vision, you can sit comfortably in the fact that it will be fitted to the highest standard as we watch our vision come to life
  • Full service Designs are created in accordance with the client's access requirements. Full site surveys are carried out in conjunction with the client
  • Flexible Our design facilities can also be used to design equipment for specialist applications in all areas of access, support, protection, lifting and transportation
  • To your exact requirement Once our clients have supplied us with a brief, our design team will work in close liaison with them in order to develop the brief further to address any of the client's requirements
  • Solution driven This is where the Design process begins, while our team work closely alongside the project team in order to reach a viable solution for the project
  • Knowledgeable and experienced Throughout the stages of development, the Brogan engineers will produce design drawings and calculations and use their wealth of knowledge and experience to advise on the most suitable processes
  • From beginning to end We follow the process all the way from initial ideas to the completion of the scheme on site

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