Combi Safe & Catch Fans

We use a range of innovative fall-safety solutions including Combisafe systems and Catch Fans and  to enhance and ensure a safer working environment for personnel on site and the general public. 

Brogan Group stock and supply Combisafe Safety Net Fan solutions where the working conditions require additional safety measures.

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Edge Protection

Edge protection helps provide much safer working environments. The Edge Protection Federation, a single authoritative body for the industry, described edge protection as 'primarily to prevent persons and objects from falling to a lower level'.

The most commonly specified solutions include Mesh Barrier Systems, Net Barrier Systems, Counterweight Systems, Screen Protection Systems and Tubular guardrail solutions.

You can see more on the Combisafe brochure here.

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The Safety Net Fan is assembled on the ground and lifted into place by crane. The installation is done using different accessories to suit the building application. When the Safety Net Fans are lifted into place, they are joined together either by lacing or by overlap.  

The length of the overlap differs between fall-arrest nets and protection nets. The overlap on protection nets only has to be large enough to prevent debris and other objects from falling between the Safety Net Fans.

To read more about our design team you can do so here.

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