Supporting and working with our local community in Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire

The company’s UK ‘Supersite’ located just outside the village of Gamlingay in Cambridgeshire was purpose-designed and built as a depot for equipment and machinery maintenance, as well as a fabrication facility for bespoke, access-machinery modifications. The location and selection of the site was part of a streamlining of logistical operations as the company further expanded.  Brogan Group has been proud to be main sponsor of the Gamlingay Show in the years since its first arrival in the village and is something that has quickly become a tradition of partnership between the community and the company.


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Our employees have really enjoyed settling in and integrating with community life in the area. We have recently invested significantly to develop our site here into a state of the art, multi-functional facility, with streamlined workflows for servicing and maintaining equipment and vehicles. The complex also has an on-site foundry, an expanded and updated version of its predecessor, which is used for the fabrication of customised elements for mast climber and hoist services.

Since the company first opened a yard in Gamlingay in 2014, it has sought to be an active and helpful part of the community, something which was gratefully reflected back through very supportive neighbours and members of the community.

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We have enjoyed the light-hearted fun and spirit of community events, from the teddy-bears’ picnic and teddy-bear zip wire ride from the top of St. Mary’s Church tower at its summer Fundraiser Fete to the live music and entertainment offered up in Brogan’s Bar, next door to the church. This honorary title was bestowed upon one of the drinking corners of the Wheatsheaf public house, rumoured to be popular with some Brogan employees, among many others, as a thank you for the donation of scaffold boards and assistance in helping to create the newly refurbished sports and dining area of the pub. 

The company’s name might also be spotted on boards down at the village allotments, where Brogan donated and delivered boards to help with garden features and pretty planting beds, adding to what is already, by all accounts a very picturesque village indeed.

The company are also proud sponsors of the Gamlingay United Football Club, both junior and senior teams as well as Waresley Cricket Club. Brogan were very happy to help make play time better and safer for the children of the village by contributing to the development of the new playground beside the Eco Hub, as well helping to provide better educational resources by contributing toward the school’s new library. The company heartily thanks and supports all the volunteers and residents who work tirelessly year-round to make Gamlingay a wonderful community to be a part of.

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