Brogan Group had the pleasure of working on the KSA Pavilion which spreads over an area of 13,069 sqm and therefore after completion, it will be the second largest Expo 2020 pavilion after the UAE pavilion.

The $40,000,000.00 design aims to capture the determination of the Kingdom to fulfill its promise of being an ambitious nation while conveying a message of alliance with the world. The open façade looks like a large window into the future, soaring into the sky and reflecting a society deeply rooted in its culture.

Brogan provided the mastclimbing package to the North and South elevation of the pavilion which was made up of 10 single machines ranging from 18m up to 33m in height. Our works provided the access for the installation of brackets and secondary steels, panels and louvres.

Technical Aspects

The Mast Climber design on the pavilion had its challenges when meeting client requirements but overall became a great learning experience for our design team. They had to install the mini-chassis and anchor ties as per the manufacturer manual but with the structures complex structure this wasn't always straight forward. Brogan provided a proper base platform by laying on the steel trusses instead of back propping.

The second obstacle was the tying location of the mast anchor as some towers exceeded the allowable gap required between two anchors. Instead, Brogan provided an additional tower, using scaffolding, where it was then possible to install the additional ties.

Lastly, the Brogan in-house design team had to offer a safe cantilever extension platform that was beyond the allowable extension again provided by the manufacturer’s manual, which they did using their combined years of experience and the team finished this project with zero accident reports using our system.

Read more on the KSA Pavilion here.

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