Why the polar bear?

People have asked why we use Polar Bears in our marketing literature and press. The answer is simple.

We admire polar bears.

We have been big supporters of the Polar Bears International (PBI) for years. Any donations to PBI are contributed towards a number of things, such as sponsoring youth leadership camps and resources for educators to add the energy and ideas of youth to saving polar bears.

Polar Bear International helps forge more alliances like those that exist with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and many other groups helping to reach around the world with the urgency for action, as well as advance stewardship plans to save orphaned cubs, help starving bears, and minimize human/polar bear conflicts as stressed bears are driven ashore.

To see more information about Polar Bear International you can go to: https://polarbearsinternational.org/.

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A few reasons why:

  • Polar bears are only just recovering from hard times of near extinction in the 1970s and 1980s, and not all species survived.
  • They are so adaptive to their harsh and changing environment, it’s through sheer tenacity that they’re still here.
  • If they have no food for 8 months, they change how their body metabolises, a complete change in the way they do things, so that they can live off their own resources until there is food again.
  • Despite the fact that they find it hard to come into existence due to low reproductive potential, once they are here, they are extremely robust and have great staying power.
  • They can be extremely competitive but still like to play, before the serious business of surviving gets underway.
  • They can walk on ice thinner than any human can. The main reason they can do this is that they are not afraid to fall in; if they fall in, they simply find their own way back out.
  • They are cool and chilled out, even under pressure. Well, most of the time anyway. Unless they’re chasing after and savaging any creature that competes with them for food, and even then, they still maintain a certain ice-cool finesse.


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