Temporary Roof

The essential task of any roof system is to protect the structure and equipment from the effects of weather. However, day-to-day practical work proves that more is possible. Brogan Group can provide a number of Layher temporary roof options, as follows:

Temporary Roof Structure


Planen Roof

  • Cost effective temporary roof solution.
  • Low cost PE sheets make up the roof skin
  • The roof trusses are made from 45 cm lattice girders (aluminium or steel and steel U-profiles)
  • Stiffening bays are constructed using tube couplers as diagonals at the upper chord of the lattice girder (every fifth truss bay)
  • Tension member and corner struts must be additionally installed depending on the span
  • The roof sheets are stapled to the wood inside the steel U-profile while holding them taut; their final tension is attained with specially angled cover plates and self tapping screws
  • Duo-pitch roof (roof pitch 11 degrees)
  • Mono-pitch roof (roof pitch 11-20 degrees)
  • Spans up to 20m
  • Bay width up to 2.57m
  • Up to 12m construction height
  • Snow load 0.25 kN/m² (with tension member)

Keder Roof

  • Light and aesthetic weather resistant roof that is quick to assemble even without a crane
  • Can be built as a mono or duo pitch roof
  • The structure comprises aluminium beams 1.5m and 3.0m long, that fit together to form a maximum span of 15m
  • Stiffening of the trusses by double and single tie bars and diagonals with snap-on claws, result in unbeatably fast assembly
  • PVC tarpaulins with sealing beads (Keder) on both sides can be pulled, without difficulty, into the upper chords of the lattice girders to form the roof skin duo-pitch roof (roof pitch 20 degrees)
  • Mono-pitch roof (roof pitch 0 to 20 degrees)
  • Spans up to 15m, greater spans possible
  • Bay width 2.57m
  • Up to 12m construction height
  • Snow load 0.25 kN/m².

Cassette Roof

  • Modular technology with extremely sturdy and strong steel cassettes
  • Entire roof surface suitable for walking on
  • Rapid and safe assembly with few components
  • Roof opens to allow for material to be craned through
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be used as a mobile roof structure
  • Duo-pitch roof (roof pitch 11 degrees)
  • Mono-pitch roof (roof pitch 11 degrees)
  • Spans up to 35.0m with greater spans possible using special accessories
  • Bay width 2.57m
  • Up to 20m construction height
  • Snow load up to 0.75 kN/m².


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