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System Scaffolding

System Scaffold is made up of different sized vertical posts and horizontal and diagonal tubes. The vertical posts have fixed connection points spaced at regular intervals to which you can quickly connect the horizontal and diagonal tubes, and can be used as an alternative to traditional 'Tube & Fitting'.

Merchant Square, Brogan Group System Scaffolding


The main difference is, is that  System Scaffold is a lot quicker to erect eliminating the need for numerous fitting connections to be made. Additionally System scaffold will also use a latch mechanism of free bearing joints.

The interlocking components on system scaffold will form standardised bays; however these can be adapted to form various structures such as cantilevers, protection fans, saddles and bridged sections to suit site needs.

In the UK there are many varieties of system scaffold, the main system scaffold solutions we provide can be seen as:

  •     Cuplok system scaffolding
  •     Intermediate Transoms
  •     Staircase Towers
  •     Standards, Base Jacks
  •     Cuplok system staircases
  •     Cuplok loading bay
  •     Circular Access
  •     Erection Procedure
  •     Hop-Up Brackets
  •     Horizontals 

The main advantages of system scaffold are as follows:

  • All lifts are boarded (usually 2m lifts)
  • Brackets set internal to the main deck can be 3, 2 or 1 board width and can be changed as necessary without adapting the complete scaffold
  • It complies to BS EN 12811 standard
  • There are no protruding tubes, instead there is a flush finish
  • There are less components
  • It is faster to erect, dismantle or adapt by a considerable margin