Common User Towers

Common user towers present as a dynamic access solution, making high-rise construction simpler and smoother. A temporary, multi-purpose structure tied to a high-rise building during construction, common towers enable all hoisting facilities to be arranged around and tied to it.

A common user tower

When using common tower systems, only the common tower itself is tied into the main structure, providing a common access area for all trades and goods, whilst reducing the need to leave openings for access elsewhere on the building façade. Hoists can then be attached to all three of the open sides of the tower and many common towers also incorporate an escape staircase.

With minimum interference to the programme of works, common user towers allow for the transport of materials and personnel to optimum working heights and can be used for structures as high as 300m.



  • Hoists and temporary staircases positioned in just one concentrated area 
  • Work such as cladding can be carried out more efficiently on the entire envelope of the building 
  • Allows for fit out of the lower floors to commence earlier as the building is being constructed
  • Rapid fit outs enabled as the tower/hoist system allows contractors to fully exploit floor level openings and optimise the use of the floor heights when distributing cladding and installing prefabricated pods 
  • Deck level can be set either flush with the slab level or above it depending on requirements


Our Hoists Work with Common User Towers

  • Brogan Group Hoist division supplies a broad and comprehensive choice of transport options for goods and personnel. As hoists work in tandem with common user towers, we are optimally equipped to provide the best common user tower systems for all high-rise construction challenges.


Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a range of cage sizes on single or twin mast hoists, with cages as large as 3m wide and 5m long available on a twin mast
  • We design the most efficient configuration for the programme of works with a choice of hoists to all sides of the tower or a mixture of hoists and bespoke temporary staircases that integrate with the common tower system
  • Brogan Group common towers are extremely strong and safe. Towers are manufactured to the highest standards with a rigorous quality manufacturing process. 
  • The tower, along with the ancillary access elements, are designed, inspected and maintained to the highest safety standards by Brogan Group design engineers, estimators and installers


Why Now? 

  • Contractors need efficient and fit for purpose access solutions more than ever before
  • High-rise tower projects are on the up in the U.K. partiularly in and around London. 
  • According to the 2017 London Tall Buildings survey, there are now 455 towers in the pipeline for London, of which 420 are marked out for residential.
  • The number is set to climb further in the next few years 
  • Projects can be completed faster, without compromising quality - common user towers and hoists make the construction of high-rise structures more efficient in terms of cost, time and money and greatly improve building logistics.


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