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10 Feb 2011

Completion of Heathrow T5C

We are pleased to announce that the Heathrow Terminal 5C project has completed, as scheduled, on 31 January 2011.

In the face of the challenges of working airside in a live operational airport, our site team have been key players in facilitating main contractor Carillion in reaching their completion deadline.  

Since the construction of the additional satellite building on the T5 site began in mid 2008, we have provided bespoke internal and external scaffolding in a delicate environment to Carillion.

The completion of T5C will provide airside accommodation for a further 14 aircraft stands and arrival, departures, and retail space with baggage and transportation links to the existing T5 buildings, and concludes the original master plan for the T5 campus. 

We congratulate our specialist team who have remained dedicated to carrying out their works in the most efficient and safety-conscious way, and for acquiring numerous Health & Safety awards along the way as a result.