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We are always aiming to identify opportunities and new technologies so that we can meet all our clients' access needs on even the most complex of projects. We have consistently been ahead of the curve in terms of finding new and better ways to get things and people to where they need to be on some of the largest and most iconic construction projects in the world.

Capital Gate, UAE , Brogan Group Scaffold

We have a dedicated design-engineering department, which enables us to develop and research new solutions and options using alternative materials, products and applications.

Our long running strategy of heavy investment in hoists and before that, in mast climbers, has put us in a position today where our clients can choose from an extensive fleet of young machines that are best in their class.

Innovation has always been a defining trait of our brand.  Many years ago, we were one of the first companies to promote the widespread use of system scaffold within the Greater London area, whilst most of our competitors were still only offering traditional tube & fitting. Even as others began to catch up, we offered more options of scaffolding systems, along with tube & fitting, the skill in which we had already made our name in the industry for quality and performance.


Mast Climber Division

We diversified to form our mast climber company over ten years ago, moving away from our initial competitors who provided scaffolding only. Our mast climber division, in tandem with scaffolding, quickly evolved into a dynamic access solution provider as we developed the capability to add our own bespoke and uniquely designed solutions such as:

  • Trap doors
  • Loading gates
  • Special tiers


Hoist Division & Common User Towers

Similar innovations and modifications were then applied to our substantial and growing fleet of hoists including:


  • Common user towers designed and configured for optimum use of hoists on high-rise buildings
  • Innovatiions to overcome gaps at landing doors
  • Tailor-made ties
  • Top hats
  • Sophisticated call systems
  • Fabricated landing bridges and ramps


Scaffolding Division

  • One of the first companies to promote the widespread use of system scaffold within the Greater London Area.
  • We use three of the top scaffolding systems available on the market today.
  • Trusted to provide specialist support and access on vulnerable or heritage structures


Materials handling and storage

  • Metal racking systems
  • Truck mounted cranes with up to 21m reach
  • Safe trailer access systems