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Tube & Fitting

We have been providing traditional scaffolding since our inception as a scaffolding services company in 1988. We still stock a wide variety of scaffold tube, fittings, boards and accessories for many access applications.

Battersea Power Station, Brogan Group Access

Tubes are available in aluminium and galvanised steel and come in a variety of lengths with a standard diameter of 48.3 mm. The galvanised steel tubes are manufactured to take on harsh environments and are the most rigid of all tube and clamp systems. 

Due to its flexibility, this type of scaffolding can be used for many applications, including:

  • New buildings
  • Refurbishment
  • Propping & Support
  • Bridging and temporary roofs
  • Civil engineering
  • Extensions
  • House building
  • Structures for hospitality events
  • Sign installation

Traditional Tube & Fitting scaffold accessories include modular beam, scaffold cladding, monoflex sheeting, debris netting and stair units. 

Benefits to using traditional Tube & Fitting include:  

Total flexibility  - Lift heights, positions of standards and tie positions can be infinitely variable to fit the requirements of the scaffold user. 

Adaptability  - Tube & Fitting scaffold is the most adaptable of all scaffold solutions. 

Tube & fitting edge protection  - Compliant with Working at Height Regulations hierarchy i.e. provides collective fall prevention. It can also prevent the likelihood of falling materials when netted or brickguarded.  

Safety gates -  Traditionally ladder access points were either unguarded or provided with handrails. Neither option was ideal as it either allowed for a potential fall or made access more difficult. The safety gate overcomes this problem by reducing the opening through which a person could fall.  

Adjustable transoms  - An innovation with Tube & Fitting scaffolds. It allows adjustment of the inner boards, significantly enhancing scaffold adaptability. This approach has proven to be particularly beneficial on cladded structures with varying finishes. 

Stair cases -   When with Tube & Fitting the stair tread coupler can be adjusted to suit almost any site situation. Now a legal requirement under the Working at Height Regulations, this is essential to any structure at any height. Even without legislation, the safety and efficiency benefits of providing staircases rather than ladder access has seen a huge increase in usage on site.