Heavy Duty Mast Climbers

We have a large range of electric powered heavy duty mast climbers.

Tower West, Brogan Group Mast Climbers

These Fraco and Scanclimber machines are ideal for:

  • Industrial cladding (brick,glass, curtain walling)
  • Industrial power plants, refineries, chemical plants, chimneys, boilers etc.
  • Civil engineering projects, bridges, flyovers, shipyards
  • Framework for concrete frame construction
  • Raising and forming tables for reinforced concrete frames
  • Temporary roofs
  • Liftcores external and internal access for R.C Frame
  • Atrium and couryard platform

Heavy duty performance features:

  • Free-standing capability up to 25m
  • Travel speeds up to 12m per minute
  • Self-contained power supply
  • Fewest tie-ins in the industry – reduces cost, time, building damage and repairs
  • Twin-mast platform length up to 40m
  • Can be tied vertically every 12.5 - 17.5m
  • Extendable inner platforms to maximize performance

Mast climbing platforms have some advantages over scaffolding on many projects. There are of course many projects where scaffolding is still likely to be the best choice, especially where longer hire periods are required. As a scaffolding and mast climbing contractor, we offer impartial consultation for both. We advise on the case for either option depending on the requirements of each project and client.


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