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Goods & Personnel Hoists

Our range of Passenger Goods Hoists are capable of lifting both passengers and materials vertically to the desired work platform.




Technical Details:

Maximum height: 350m

Maximum capacity: 4000kg (40 people)

Maximum standard anchorage distance: 12m

Climbing speed: 40m/min

Hoist length (internal): 5000mm

Hoist width (internal): 3000mm

Hoist height (internal): 3100mm



Call System

Steel Run Offs

Hoist protection at Landing




Battersea, Brogan Group Twin Passenger / Goods Hoist


A 24-passenger capacity personnel and goods hoist with a proven reputation as one of the most popular high specification hoists available in Europe.

Scanclimber SC2032F has a 3.2m long by 1.5m wide cage and a payload of up to 2000kg- ideal for transporting heavy loads to the required work height up to a speed of 36m per minute. 

It can also be accessed via gates at both ends and also has a large side gate which enables the loading and unloading of materials i.e. plasterboard sheeting, 3m long at ground level.

The SC2032F can also be supplied as a twin cage on a single mast enabling the hoist to be used for dual purposes; one side for materials and the other side for personnel.


  • No need for concrete foundation
  • No wasted loading space (3.2m x 1.5m x 2.1m = 10m³)
  • Frequency converter allows both smooth and stepless start/stop of cage.

Technical Details:

Maximum height (single): 300m
Maximum height (twin): 220m
Maximum capacity: 2000kg
Maximum anchorage distance: 21m
Climbing speed: 36m/min
Hoist length - single & twin: 3905mm
Hoist width - single: 2580mm
Hoist width - twin: 4992mm





Technical Details:

Maximum height (single): 350m

Maximum height (twin): 350m

Maximum capacity: 2700kg

Maximum standard anchorage distance: 12m

Climbing speed: 55m/min  (see below for other options)

Hoist length (internal): 3750mm (see below for other options)

Hoist width (internal): 1495mm (see below for other options)

Hoist height (internal): 2450mm


Speed increase to 70m/min or 90m/min
Width extended to 2m
Length extended as required
C Door 2.9m length