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Crane Decks

Crane Deck

Brogan Crane Decks™

As building space continues to rise in value and demand, pressure is on construction companies to build taller buildings with smaller footprints and tighter boundaries. This presents loading and access challenges, particularly where cranage options are limited or unavailable. We supply a range of crane decks including fixed and rolling platforms that help to overcome these challenges.

Fixed platform  

The Fixed (standard platform) is a basic platform for general applications. These platforms are typically used in situations where retractability is not required. The platform provides a convenient means of access for equipment and material to the floor. 

Rolling Platform

The rolling platform can be withdrawn flush to the face of the building. These platforms would typically be used in situations where simultaneous access is required at several levels from one lifting point. The main feature of the Rolling Platform is the rolling load deck, which can be retracted to allow access to a deck or floor level below or above it without the need for repositioning. The loading deck is suspended from the base of the main load-bearing beam leaving maximum head room onto the floor slab. 

Key benefits of Brogan Crane Decks™:

• Fast installation and removal

• Improved safety

• A highly cost-effective means of loading and removing material

• Nominal load capacity of up to 5 tonnes safe working load (SWL), dependent on installation structure.