Work at Heathrow Terminal 5C is progressing; current work includes supplying access for Vanderlande Industries, providers of automated material handling systems.

Our remit includes providing access for the new baggage system which runs from Terminal T5B to T5C through DCV Tunnels. The baggage system is mostly underground and uses the Vanderlande Industries BAGTRAX Destination Coded Vehicles (DCVs), which transfer bags by carts along railway-type tracks at speeds of up to 40km/h.

The baggage system consists of 17km of conveyor equipment and will be able to process 12,000 bags an hour. Running from the passenger check-in halls to the airfield concourses, the system can actually deliver bags out to the aircraft stands.

In addition to the main access we will be providing protection platforms and exclusion zones for Vanderlande equipment. Once complete, The T5 baggage transport system is said to be the biggest, single-terminal system in Europe.

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