The Scalpel, Central London

Located on Lime Street in the City of London financial area, is one of London’s new commercial skyscrapers, The Scalpel.

Originally a nickname but subsequently designated as its official name, the term “Scalpel” was coined due to its distinctive angular design and followed a trend of nicknaming new buildings based upon their shape, such as the nearby Leadenhall Building, otherwise known as “The Cheesegrater”.

The tower will provide 37,000 sqm of office accommodation across 35 office floors, plus shops and restaurants. Office workers also have the added bonus of three basement levels of parking.

We installed two sets of twin hoists on the site which are some of the biggest passenger/goods construction hoists in the city, stretching to 5 meters long, with a maximum capacity of 3200kg with a normal configuration.

The installation happened in phases and reached a height of over 180cm with a lifting speed of 70m/min. Each hoist had a specialist call system built into it, in order to provide details of wind speeds. This alerted drivers to which floors needed servicing and allowed the operators to communicate with the other hoists on site, meaning that the need to continually move the hoist up and down to find passengers was eliminated and both time and costs were saved during the duration of the project.