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Project HAL, located in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire was the largest of three facilities being built by Carillion for News International, with a contract value of over £156 million. Our work at Project HAL involved the use of up to 2,600 modular beams. An internal mobile scaffold 10m high by 25m long and weighing over three tonnes was suspended from permanent structural steel rails, bridging a span of 15m across the print hall between gantry crane tracks.

The hanging scaffold incorporated fully boarded access to every lift with a stair access, also fully mobile. Tirfors* were used to pull the structure along the building with the progress of works.

Freestanding external loading towers were provided to North and South elevations to enable heavy duty equipment to be delivered. The loading towers were fixed into concrete bases and erected to a height of 17m with run offs to intermediate floor levels. Each bay was fully braced with an overall platform length of 28m, incorporating double modular beam platforms to cater for the heavy duty loads.

*Tirfors, also commonly known as griphoists, are winches that use self-gripping jaws instead of spools to move rope or wire through the winch. Powered by moving a handle back and forth, they allow one person to move objects several tons in weight.

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construction access specialist
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