Central Park, Leopardstown

Work at Block G Leopardstown has been carried out for 3 separate contractors including G&T Cramptons, Stone Developments and William Cox.

Our work has consisted of scaffold screens erected to the slab edges of each floor which were clad with debris netting to seal the building, along with handrails to the stair cores and heavy duty loading bays to the atrium, all for use by G&T Cramptons.

In addition to this external perimeter scaffolds and loading bays were erected to the stair cores, along with mast climbers and hoists all for use for Stone Developments.

On one of the elevations a heavy duty cantilevered platform using RSJ/unit beams was erected. This was situated on at 1st floor level, above the existing footpath area/neighbouring construction site, with the mast climbers sitting on the cantilevered steels, also for use by stone developments.

The work for William Cox consisted of a series of scaffold towers being erected to various areas for glazing work.

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