World Suicide Prevention Day!

More than one construction worker takes their own life every day which is three times the UK rate for male suicide. The shocking statistics were looked at in the Guardian recently speaking to the likes of Bill Hill, Chief Executive of the Lighthouse Charity who claimed the statistic of one suicide on a daily basis.

“The industry is trying to change the culture, trying to ensure that no worker should be alone in a crisis”, the guardian article quotes, which is exactly what we are trying to do at Brogan Group. We provide advice, support and resources for as to how staff can get help with their mental health.

You can read the Guardian article here.

Brogan Group isn’t just a company, it is a culture. Scaffolders and operatives become friends and often train through the ranks together. A scaffolder recently spoke with the marketing team about his divorce and how coming to work on a daily basis was a joy as he knew his team had his back both in the workplace and in listening and helping with his divorce process. This is the sort of mentality that we implore throughout the company.

We are currently looking into training a number of mental health “black-hat” first aiders which we hope will help to combat the stigma of mental health within the company and industry.

Leading into world suicide prevention day, we sent out a resource pack with our monthly newsletter to ensure that we improved awareness within the company as to where employees can look for help for themselves or anyone, they know who may be suffering with mental health.

Further to this, we opened the topic to head office staff to discover what mental health actually means to staff members. Sheets were placed communal areas to allow employees to express their thoughts on the topic.

We would like to express our gratitude to The Lighthouse Charity for all the work that they have been doing with mental health within the construction industry. We have been supporting the charity with donations and by being a “Company Support”, we will continue to do so by making our pledge on a yearly basis.

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