At Canary Wharf in London Docklands Brogan Group are currently engaged in the largest hoist project in the UK and possibly the largest in the world in 2024 in terms of the size and number of hoists and common towers.

The current phase of the project consists of 17 Passenger hoists on seven blocks ranging in height from 12 storeys to 58 storeys.

Two common towers, the tallest of which extends to 175m in height, with two twin mast Mammoth hoists (5m x 3m) together with a twin passenger goods hoist on each tower serve two of the blocks.

The remaining five blocks have 11 passenger goods hoists with run-offs directly onto the floor slabs.

The project installation was completed several weeks ahead of the programme and to the great satisfaction of the client.

The overall development consists of 5.5 million sq. ft of residential, retail, educational & workspace creating 3,600 homes.

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