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1 Mar 2009

Work Progresses at Weymouth Street

Our work progresses at 10 Weymouth Street with pavement gantries and full independent access being erected to the front and rear elevations. Cantilevered platforms have also been erected on the rear elevation to the balconies.

In addition to this we have installed Haki Staircases to the rear elevation for access to all floors including the roof and the rear elevation has just been adapted for brass cladding.

The Scheme comprises of the refurbishment of 17 flats to include replacement of windows and to extend the building at the rear to add 12 apartments and 140 m² of office space creating a sixth floor to building. 

The structure will also be clad in brass with glass bay pods to maximise light and space and will incorporate various eco-features including a ground-source heat-pump system for heating and cooling and a green meadow roof.