Brogan Group are Access providers on a unique residential and luxury amenity building complex in the west end of London.

A large number of Brogan Hoists are servicing all heights of the crescent design with two central towers of 31 and 21 storeys around 11-storey blocks on either side.

Single, twin, Goods only and Goods/Passenger hoists will support the core frame build, cladding and fit-out of the development.

The building will house over 500 apartments and offer unique, luxury amenities including a private Mediterranean-inspired rooftop Beach Club, spa rooms, bars, dining, Cinema, and a games lounge.

Most of the Powered Access is Ground based with one configuration working from the roof of the 11-storey block to the 61m metres height of the central towers.

The development is part of a wider mixed-use development where Brogan Group have been involved in, involving the construction of 1845 new units.

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