SG4:15 Preventing falls in Scaffolding Operations

NASC Introduce New Edition to SG4

The NASC have announced the latest edition of the safety guidance SG4 – Preventing falls in Scaffolding Operations.

The document is described as ‘evolution not revolution’ and continues to focus on the current preventative and protective measures that are classed as good practice, which includes the creation of the ‘Scaffolders Safe Zone’.

Although many of the principles of SG4 will remain unchanged in this revision it will provide more guidance on systems of work and available equipment to help users comply. In addition it will cover a wider selection of methods for a scaffold contractor to create the ‘Scaffolders Safe Zone’.

This was launched at the NASC AGM on the 27th November 2015 and has been released to the NASC membership following the event.

We will be carrying out an intensive briefing programme to all our scaffold operatives once the guidance has been considered and our work practices have been reviewed in line with the updated requirements, which will continue into the New Year.


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