As part of our commitment to ensuring the highest safety standards in the industry we are currently trialling B Safe's FAST GUARD fall prevention system in line with SG4:10 guidance.  The prevention system is currently being used at the Lords Hill School site in Southampton where works are being carried out for main contractor Carillion. 

The key component within the FAST GUARD system is an innovative coupler that locks onto a scaffold standard, from any direction without need of tools.  Once fitted onto a scaffold the coupler resists unintentional downward movement whilst still allowing international movement in an upwards direction.  The coupler is designed to locate and receive a standard scaffold handrail, which when fitted can be raised, using a Fast Guard wand, to a height beyond normal reach, where it will lock without the need of fastening or tightening. 

FAST GUARD is designed to self-level advance guard rails from a previously levelled datum, allowing subsequent permanent guard rails to be placed without the need for additional levelling techniques it has the following benefits;

  • Saves significant time and results in the use of Fast Guard being virtually time neutral making it the fastest collective fall prevention system available
  • Light and compact and can easily be moved from one job to another
  • The installation of the system follows the same principals as other routine scaffold operations and will easily become second nature to operatives who use it.

Images of our site team at Lords Hill using The Fast Guard System can be seen above and below.

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