A small, fully boarded, training scaffold tower was erected to the rear of BAM Construction’s refurbishment at Page Street.

The purpose was to give Brogan’s trainee scaffolders the opportunity to carry out hemping activity, whilst under direct supervision in a controlled setting.

All trainee scaffolders carried out the hemping activity with both traditional tube and Cuplok standards.

The more experienced scaffolders offered several tips and words of advice during the session to assist the trainees.

These included keeping an eye on the top of the standard as it is lifted up, keeping the sleeve in good order and open ready to ensure the easy install of the standard.

On completion of the training session, the scaffold tower was also dismantled by all the men involved as a refresher before the current phase of dismantling works begins in earnest on site.

The process of striking, and general points of good, safe practice were discussed. The trainees were then supervised once again to strike the tower to familiarise themselves with the activity.

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