Brogan Group is committed to training and development to ensure that personnel are competent, qualified and able to perform in a safe and secure manner.


Rescue training provides practical experience of lowering procedures including the use of a live casualty. It includes guidance on manual handling issues and the differing requirements for horizontal and vertical orientation of the stretcher, the selection of suitable anchor points, awareness of possible hazards, methods of operation of rope devices and methods of control during lowering or raising operations.

The Rescue Training course also explains how the ScaffPack kit is used for rescue after a fall or rescue of a person suspended in a harness. Suspension trauma is also covered as well as methods of minimising the effect on the casualty and how to handle the casualty when they have been recovered to a safe place.

In summary, the course covers the following areas:

Practical Skills covered:

•    Attachment to the casualty
•    Lowering a casualty
•    Raising a casualty
•    Recovery of a casualty suspended from a lanyard and fall arrest block
•    Casualty handling


•    Awareness and understanding of ScaffPack contents and function
•    Pre-use check of equipment
•    Selection of suitable anchorages
•    Abrasion and edge hazards
•    Elementary pulley theory
•    Medical dangers to suspended persons - suspension trauma
•    Casualty handling

Over the last month, 13 Brogan Group personnel have been rescue trained by our qualified in-house trainer.  

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