Rescue Descent Device Course for Brogan Group, UAE

Last week our team in Dubai went on a Rescue Descent Device course at the Dubai Expo site.

We sent some of the team on the course as it provides delegates with the knowledge and practical skills required to use the rescue kit in order to recover casualties who have fallen from a platform. The kit is capable of recovering casualties who are suspended from fall arrest lanyards, wire rope fall arrest blocks, or flexible line fall arresters.

Intended for operatives who are already familiar with the use of their personal fall protection equipment, attendees to the course are expected to carry out activities at height throughout the training. This provides an insight into the delegates’ ability to operate in such conditions.

Equipment covered throughout training includes:

  • Full Body Harnesses
  • Single and Double Fall Arrest Lanyards
  • Fall Arrest Blocks/ Retractable Type Fall Arrest Device
  • Guided Type Fall Arrester
  • Suspension Loop
  • rescue Kit
  • Grabba – additional rescue attached

On the day of training, the Brogan operatives attended and were taught by a Scaffold Manager at Expolink. One demonstration saw a dummy suspended from almost 25m height, it was then gradually descended with the aid of a Gotcha dummy kit.

Our operatives now feel conversant in the operation of the Rescue Descent Device Kit and its various modes of use.

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