We are pleased to report on the recent training achievements of our site operatives on various training courses this month, including site supervisors training schemes and also additional training in NVQ Level 2 for our operatives.

The Site Supervisors Training Scheme (SSTS) is a training course designed for team leaders, foremen, gangers, first line managers and supervisors with supervisory responsibilities and a need to understand their legal duties. Through an understanding of legal responsibilities supervisors can better contribute to the instruction, supervision and monitoring of safety on site. This course is an ideal foundation for attaining a basic understanding of health & safety duties and responsibilities for junior management in construction work. 

NVQ training is to make sure our men have the skill and knowledge to do their job to the standards expected, using training courses, on the job training and assessment. The problem with some other qualifications is that they don’t always take account of experience or keep up with what the operative actually does. NVQ differs in that they assess current levels of competence against the National Standards for the Industry.

Here at Brogan Group, training is regarded as one of the most important things for our operatives, and we have over 600 scheduled courses, covering 34 modules such as first aid, site management safety, Cuplok and all NVQ levels, to be attended by all operatives in the next 18 months.

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