Our UK operatives recently took part in training run by MindSafety International Limited, an organisation dedicated to improving safety by explaining the psychology of why we behave the way we do and providing further techniques to improve safety culture within companies.

Delivered to representatives from management, supervisors, and installers, the training reinforced Brogan Group's safety culture and how ultimately it is the beliefs around safety that lead to expectations, attitudes, and behaviour across a business.

The MindSafety presenter went through the factors affecting how we operate in the workplace including how subconscious routines, and conditioning work together, the different states of mind we operate in, the making and breaking of habits, and techniques for positive communication when observing unsafe behaviour on-site.

Delivered at Brogan’s head office in Welwyn Garden City the training reinforced the culture of health & safety embedded into our work and our people, who continually demonstrate their skills, innovation and resourcefulness operating on some of the biggest and tallest buildings in the world.  

To learn more about how MindSafety helps organisations develop a great belief-based safety culture, visit their website www.mindsafetyinternational.com 


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