Brogan Group has used the polar bear to represent and symbolise our company values, which offer clear guidance on the consistent standards and performance of our service. In support of the polar bear, Brogan Group has also made a donation to Polar Bear International (PBI), a non profit organisation dedicated to the worldwide conservation of the polar bear. 

Brogan Group’s approach to building long term relationships with our clients is based on our core values to which include mutual reward, partnership, safety, performance human development, innovation and social responsibility. 

The implementation of these values is fundamental to the company, as they govern our approach to critical aspects, such as health, safety, environment and quality. They also lay the foundations for our relationship with key stakeholders, employees, clients and suppliers.

Polar Bear International supports research projects that benefit the world's polar bears. They are committed to the welfare of polar bears and arctic habitat conservation through support towards scientific research and educational programs. Polar Bear International dedicates 100% of all donations to key polar bear projects. Visit Polar Bears International for more information on Polar Bear International and their conservation programs.

Research suggests that two thirds of the polar bear population could disappear by 2050. We are delighted to support the great work PBI carryout and hope that the donation goes some way towards helping the conservation of polar bears.

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