We are proud to announce that we have recently been awarded 3 Health & Safety awards by Carillion for the month of May at the Merchant Square site in Paddington. 

Not only did we top the  Health & Safety League but our dedicated site staff have also won the 'Don't Walk By' and 'Best Health & Safety Suggestion' award.

Carillion‘s Contractors Safety League is part of their overall target zero scheme, which aims to create, develop and maintain a culture of zero tolerance to accidents and Health and Safety risks in all their workplaces. The league will score suppliers on the following criteria:

•    House Keeping
•    DWB Returns 
•    Maintaining Safety record 
•    Inspection reports issued and actioned 
•    Tool box talks/ RAMS Briefings 
•    4c'S attendance 
•    Plant and Equipment 
•    Manual Handling 
•    Working at height 
•    RAMS 
•    SAG Attendance 
•    Supplier Safety Advisor visits 
•    Safety Perception

Health & Safety is one of our highest priorities and our award winning record within the industry is a direct result of our long term investment and emphasis on training.

 Trade Contractor Monthly Safety Award

 Dont Walk By Award - Sean Gough

 Dont Walk By Award - Hugh McDonnell


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