New Director of Operations for High-Rise Access appointed


One of our employees, Jim Casey, has been promoted to Operations Director. In this new role, Jim’s remit will primarily be focused on developing the high-rise access segment of the Group, which includes the Common User Tower and Hoist divisions.  In his previous role as Operations Manager, Jim’s responsibilities included logistics, hoist and mast climber management and the design and fabrication of bespoke engineered solutions within the powered access units.

Jim will now devote more of his expertise toward developing our dedicated high-rise access services, overseeing the integration of our established Hoist Division and our new Common User Tower service. This role is a big part of the progression and growth of the Group as a whole, combining our knowledge of hoists and their capabilities, along with the stream-lined effectiveness and versatility of Common Towers for high building construction contracts.

Jim has been with the company for 17 years and is an integral and valued part of operations. We would like to congratulate Jim on his new appointment.

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