All scaffolder harnesses in Ireland have recently received a thorough inspection by our Safety Advisor. This inspection is carried out every 3 months in line with Brogan Group policy. It continues on a 3 monthly basis for the life span of the equipment in addition to operatives inspecting their own harness/lanyard before each shift to confirm it is still fit for purpose.

Inspections are carried out by Brogan Group's Safety Advisor who has attended a formal harness inspection course and who has received certification to confirm such.

When issuing employees with a harness and lanyard, an I.D. number and tag is provided to ensure 100% traceability and that all items of PFPE (Personal Fall Protection Equipment) are registered and inspected to statutory requirements.

All Brogan scaffolders have now also received formal training in the inspection, maintenance and safe use of harnesses and lanyards (in accordance with NASC guidance note SG4:05).

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