Brogan Group designed and erected a large birdcage infill for the Point Village Watchtower project in Dublin. Main contractors McNamara required a fully decked platform spanning from basement level to the ground floor level for the general public to use whilst the Tower block construction is temporarily on hold.

Brogan Group erected a 7,200 m³ scaffold birdcage, built upwards from the basement (-1 level) to carry fork-heads with alloy form work beams to create the deck. 

Erecting the deck was complicated due to the strict requirements for allowable inclines for public use and the varying levels around the site perimeter. We also had to span the part erected lift shaft cores which had the reinforcing bars still protruding.

The alloy beams were double boarded with a ply finish to form the deck, McNamara then applied a tarmac finish to provide a waterproof non-slip surface for public use.

The most impressive thing about the deck is the inclines required, which involved changes in falls in both directions at a number of strategic points that were crucial to ensure safe access for the staff from the adjoining O2 building, to be used during an emergency.

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