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28 Oct 2014

Land Security Employment Award

  Carlene Brooks (scaffolding trainee) was recently nominated for a Land Securities Employment award for recognition of her hard work and determination through the pre employment and substance employment programme.

 Carlene attended  the Land Security Employment Award Ceremony at City Hall, London on the 10 th October and was presented with the highest achiever award.

In an interview with Land Securitys Carlene commented “Winning the Highest Achiever Award at Land Securities’ London Employment Awards was a brilliant experience. It was a real surprise to win and the ceremony was a great opportunity to meet some of the team at Land Securities.”

Carlene joined Brogan Group in March 2014 and has worked on sites including 20 Fenchurch Street, Greenwich Reach and Chambers Wharf.  She is currently undergoing a Trainee Basic 1 course. We would like to congratulate Carlene on her achievements.