The Group invested circa £9m in plant and equipment in 2023. Construction Hoists topped the list which also included mastclimbers, common towers, vehicles (trucks, vans, buses), forklifts, scaffolding and numerous smaller items of smaller plant and fabrication equipment.

The Group now owns eight mammoth /colossus twin masted 4 tonne hoists (almost as many as all our competitors in UK put together), and twenty-five twin masted 5 tonne transport platforms which is more than all our competitors put together in Europe and UK.

Also, the Group stocks of hoists in general terms is more varied and with a highest load capacity than any non-listed company in UK or Europe.

Our Common Tower stock is now approaching 800 floors, enough for fifteen 150m high towers. With this capacity in common towers, we can potentially match or exceed any company in the world in this niche area for high rise hoisting access.



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