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7 Jan 2011

Investment and Training for Revised Safety Guidance

Following the newly revised NASC Safety Guidance SG4:10, ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding and Falsework,’ we have invested further in new step-up devices. 

To ensure compliance with SG4:10, which emphasises the creation of a ‘Safe Zone,’ either advanced guardrails or step-up devices should be used on site to install guardrails from below to avoid working at exposed edges.

At Brogan Group, we have been routinely using advanced guardrails and step-up devices, pictured above, for some time, and further training for site operatives on their use is now underway.

Other changes in the guidelines include the removal of the practice of the ‘unprotected traversing element’ from the tunnelling principle. 

The new guidance will serve to ensure scaffolders and their employers work safer and comply with the law.