We are providing a number of goods and passenger hoists to Borough Yards in Southwark, London. The project requires transport of materials from the shared Ground floor level into the newly constructed basement and will be situated within a void formed as part of the new structural floor construction.

Due to the close proximity to the rail lines into London Bridge the site basement is not accessible by crane. To combat this, we will supply the temporary work supports, lifting beams and frames to facilitate the installation of the hoists which will be lowered into position and service the loading dock area on the ground floor.

This will involve the design of fixings and propping to allow hoist base and car to be located and all temporary works removed for operation of the hoist during the site’s life cycle.

The scheme that is set to restore and reinvent the lost medieval street pattern of the area adjacent to Borough Market will feature five mixed-use buildings. This will include a workspace, retail, a gallery, restaurants, a cinema and creative spaces.

The project is due for completion in 2020.

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