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2 Jan 2019

Goodluck Hope


We are providing a number of goods passenger hoists to the Goodluck Hope residential development in East London.

Located in London’s Docklands, Goodluck Hope will comprise 804 new homes, 2000 sqm of commercial space, 235 sqm of education floorspace, a brewery and a restored Grade 2 listed Orchard Dry Dock.

The project involves the creation of a new high-density neighbourhood at the confluence of the Rivers Lea and Thames. The architecture is founded on an understanding of London’s historic wharfs, the scale of their buildings and the character of the spaces they create. In keeping with this heritage, the designs embody a contemporary warehouse theme of medium rise brick buildings with pitched roofs together with three new tall buildings one of which is crowned with a lantern room.

This project is due to complete in 2020.